Bike and kayak rental

What better way to uncover the mysteries of Dili than riding your own bike? Whether you are a romantic person looking to ride a bike along the finest sunset coast or whether you are an adventurous person who is ready to take up the challenges in some brutal road conditions, Hotel California rents out bikes for free! You can now choose your favourite way to explore Dili. Just ask one of our staff for more information.

Not exciting enough? Why not rent one of our kayaks to embark on a sea adventure? The beach near Hotel California offers you the perfect chance to indulge yourself, or with your friends and family in a relaxed, fun paddling on sheltered coastal areas. Again, you can rent the kayaks for free!

Our manager Tommy is having some great times with his kids

Free airport transfer

If it is your first time arrival in Dili, don't worry, Hotel California offers free airport transfer both from and to the Dili International Airport. So you don't have to worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Airport pickup can be arranged by sending us an email.

24/7 Security

The safety of our guests is hotel's number one priority. Hotel California has security guards all day protecting your personal safety while you are in the hotel. CCTV cameras are also equipped around the hotel, every corners in the hotel are being watched by our staff. The car park is highly secured and our staff will respond immediately in case something happens.

Laundry service

Hotel California recognises that our guests have rapid changing needs especially in the wet hot Dili summer. Therefore we are offering free laundry service every day! Simply drop your clothes in the basket in your room and our staff will collect them in the morning and have them return fresh and clean the next day.

Wifi access

Sharing your exciting moments in Dili with your friend is definitely essential. Hotel California therefore provides you with wifi/cable internet access in your room and in the bar. Why not get a drink from our bar and chat with your friends on the other side of the planet sharing the romantic sunset of Dili? Feel free to ask our staff for internet cables if you have large transmission that has to be made over the internet.

Continental breakfast

In Hotel California, we offer free breakfast to our guests every morning. Just go to our bar at 7:00am to grab your breakfast and coffee!